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Congratulations your application is sent for approval! We welcome you to enjoy this new journey and want you to enjoy it every step of the way. Please ensure that you are ready to take on this new adventure with a bucket load of responsibility, love, and puppy kisses! Once approved you will be ready to take the next step to commit to getting your dream Dachshund from us!



S T E P   T W O



S T E P   T H R E E

Once you respond to us with your official commitment to join our waitlist we will send you a form to submit your deposit. Once received, we will place you on our Private Waitlist and give you access to our Members page. We will be available for you and your family during your wait for your perfect Dachshund puppy to answer any and all questions that you may have. Your patience is greatly appreciated and we can't wait until you receive your puppy of your dreams!

The puppies are born and doing wonderful and you are next on the list to choose your puppy! Once the puppies reach around 4 weeks old, we welcome you to choose your puppy in person or we can video and you can make your choice! This is an exciting time to bond with your puppy as we send you weekly photos and videos. You can use this time between now, and the time your puppy comes home at 8 weeks, to gather puppy supplies and puppy proof your home!



S T E P   F O U R

dreamheart dachshunds



S T E P   F I V E

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