Congratulations to you and your new puppy! Here are all of the supplies that we rely on to give our dogs and puppies the best possible care. We highly recommend these products as we have used them ourselves and had great success. If you are a first time Dachshund owner this list can be your guide for what you might need. Feel free to choose colors and styles that fit your preferences! All of these items are not absolutely necessary, but we want to give you all the supplies that our dogs and puppies love and enjoy!



Treat your pup to the most lavish luxury dog crate and have a piece of art in your home. Our friends at The Fine Rustic™ produce spectacular pieces of furniture to accommodate your beautiful home and pets! The most wonderful thing about their business is they take orders and ship all over the continental U.S.! With free shipping and fully customizable pieces you are sure to give your pets the best crate for their new home. Don't forget to use coupon code DREAMHEART for a $200 discount on your item!


Buying a good crate is very important in house training your new puppy. Dogs are natural cave dwellers and a crate duplicates this in providing a safe, sheltered den that the dogs can relax and sleep in. Most importantly dogs do not like to potty where they lay so it is a valuable tool in housebreaking your new puppy


The Iris 4- Panel Exercise Pen has been one of my favorite purchases for puppies. It is a 4 Panel Pen that comes easily apart for storage or moving. It is the perfect size for Doxie puppies and you can order a cover for the pen also. The adorable door is convenient for easy entry for puppy as well. All of our puppies are familiar with these pens when they become at the age to walk.
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Choosing a comfortable bed for your new addition is vital. A good bed provides a soft and comfortable haven for your baby to relax in. It provides warmth and insulation from the cold floor, support for their back and joints, and a place to call their own. If there is one thing that you shouldn't cut corners on, it is a good bed for your dog. A good bed should be easy to clean, provide cushioning and support and should be big enough for them to stretch out in if they like. You may want to consider investing in an orthopedic bed for your dog. Your new best friend will thank you for it!  


Pets LOVE this Pet Bed House. It's a unique native American design that will suit your home decor and will fit effortlessly into your living space. BOTH you and your pet will LOVE it.

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