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Congratulations to you and your new puppy! Here are all of the supplies that we rely on to give our dogs and puppies the best possible care. We highly recommend these products as we have used them ourselves and had great success. If you are a first time Dachshund owner this list can be your guide for what you might need. Feel free to choose colors and styles that fit your preferences! All of these items are not absolutely necessary, but we want to give you all the supplies that our dogs and puppies love and enjoy!


Buying a good crate is very important in house training your new puppy. Dogs are natural cave dwellers and a crate duplicates this in providing a safe, sheltered den that the dogs can relax and sleep in. Most importantly dogs do not like to potty where they lay so it is a valuable tool in housebreaking your new puppy


The Iris 4- Panel Exercise Pen has been one of my favorite purchases for puppies. It is a 4 Panel Pen that comes easily apart for storage or moving. It is the perfect size for Doxie puppies and you can order a cover for the pen also. The adorable door is convenient for easy entry for puppy as well. All of our puppies are familiar with these pens when they become at the age to walk.


Choosing a comfortable bed for your new addition is vital. A good bed provides a soft and comfortable haven for your baby to relax in. It provides warmth and insulation from the cold floor, support for their back and joints, and a place to call their own. If there is one thing that you shouldn't cut corners on, it is a good bed for your dog. A good bed should be easy to clean, provide cushioning and support and should be big enough for them to stretch out in if they like. You may want to consider investing in an orthopedic bed for your dog. Your new best friend will thank you for it!  


Dachshunds have long bodies and need the support of a harness rather than just a collar. Using a harness prevents choking, strangulation, and uncomfortable walking. Harnesses wrap around your puppy and ensure that they are being led comfortably and safely. We highly recommend finding a harness that fits your puppy for happy and safe adventuring!


Along with your Harness you will need a leash. Some recommend retractable however, for puppies, I recommend a simple leash that you can use to train your puppy. Sometimes retractable leashes can be noisy and whip around and in return scare your puppy. I recommend a simple medium length leash to help your puppy learn how to lead with a leash first. Then after your puppy has become a pro, then you can experiment with retractable leashes.


Effective and Safe: Best Puppy Shampoo, Highest quality professional grade formula. Leaves your puppy smelling great with their coat in wonderful condition.

Naturally Derived Formula: Made from Coconut Oil. Beware of cheap synthetic shampoos!

Gentle: No Sulfate, Parabens, Phosphate, MEA or DEA. The Very Best Ingredients In a Shampoo For Puppies Over 12 weeks.

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Your puppy is going to need some toys! With those sharp baby teeth coming in your puppy will need some toys to chew. However, not all dog toys are safe for little ones. Our puppies are only introduced to these toys because of their small size and safe features. These  toys are my absolute favorites for baby Dachshunds.

Puppy Bible Book

This book is the perfect guide for your growing puppy. You will love this book as you read about each milestone and week of your pup's fast growth!


Once again, it is crucial that you do not let your puppy touch the ground until he or she has had their vaccinations. There is too much that a puppy is susceptible to, such as parvovirus, parasites, and diseases. Of course you will need to go places and you should never leave your puppy alone for hours and hours at a time. A very beneficial way to tote your best friend around is by a Pet Carrier. Socialization is important for puppies and using a carrier to run errands is a breeze.Your puppy will enjoy a safe and sound place to hang out during your adventures!


Another crucial product that we absolutely love using are puppy pads! However we have a neat trick. Don't go wasting your time buying the disposable ones at the store. Head over to eBay and purchase machine washable and reusable pads. During the potty training process we use these pads to assist the puppies in learning to use pads. By the time your puppy is ready to go home, your puppy will be familiar with these pads. The convenience of these pads being machine washable and reusable is wonderful. Save money and enjoy pad training a little more with these.


4health Grain Free Puppy Formula provides lots of energy and nutrition for active and growing puppies with a formulation that helps maintain a healthy digestive system. This formula is also a good choice for pregnant or lactating dogs, providing vital nutrition for both moms and nursing pups. The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in this grain free food can help promote shiny coats and healthy skin.
Ideal for pets that may have sensitivities to corn, wheat or soy.



We all know that it is extremely important for you to not take your puppy out of the home until it is fully vaccinated. But it can also get extremely tough when you need to run errands, visit friends or go somewhere. This is when a puppy carrier comes in handy. This particular puppy carrier is a favorite among pet lovers but is not carried by Chewy but Amazon. You wear it like a backpack only on the front so your furry baby is right there in front of you and its weight is evenly supported across your back and shoulders. 


Transport your puppy in style with this Pet Stroller by Paws & Pals. It’s a great option for people with smaller pets or senior pets that can’t last on long walks. Also a necessary lifestyle choice for pampered pets. Load your pet with ease via the front zip entry and front foot board step or use the back zip to load and unload your pet. While strolling around in the convertible mode with the canopy down, be sure to use the leash clip so your pet doesn’t make a fast escape.

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