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 We are a small home-based Boutique Dachshund breeder nestled 10 minutes north of the beautiful Emerald Coast of Pensacola, Florida. We live in a quaint town called Cantonment. We have spent over eight years specializing in English Cream Dachshunds. Each one of our Dachshunds is specially chosen to be our pets first. Our mission is to produce stunning Longhair Cream Dachshund puppies that conform to the highest American Kennel Club standards. Our priority is to raise our dogs with love and care to give them the most precious temperaments and personalities. We look forward to providing exquisite cream dachshunds for many years to come.


K I N D    W O R D S

"I found Dreamheart Dachshunds about a year and a half ago. I had contacted about twenty dachshund breeders up the east coast. I wanted to find my dream dog, but I wanted to get it from someone thought of their dogs like family. Chelsea is such a good person and has a huge heart. She was in contact with me so quickly and video chatted me to show me her dogs. She answered all my questions and explained so much to me about the breed! I was blown away by her dogs and how much she goes above and beyond for them! She helped me pick my dream puppy and he is perfect! I was so overwhelmed with joy when I met him! He was everything I’ve ever wanted. He is so calm and sweet. I’m so grateful for Dreamheart and happy to have him in my life!! Thank you so much for my puppy!"

- Courtney







S T E P   O N E

You've decided to welcome a Dachshund puppy into your life!  If you feel you are ready to take on this new adventure of pet ownership, and invest time in training a puppy, we invite you to complete our Puppy Application for consideration. Submitting  an application does not guarantee acceptance or commit you to anything but simply begins the process with us. This is the first step to a very exciting journey!

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