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We are family run boutique dachshund breeders located north of the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. We spend our days caring for our beautiful dachshund dogs and puppies inside our home. We strongly believe the Dachshund Breed is the perfect family companion. While living in a beautiful neighborhood; our dogs and puppies have free roam inside their spacious home. They also have their own personalized dog room and a large back yard with a 6 ft privacy fence. Puppies are born and monitored in the master suite, where each need and necessity is taken care of by their mothers and the Dreamheart Family. Visitors are welcome to come and get to know our dogs and puppies.




The Dachshund is a very quirky, happy, and smart little dog that thrives on love and attention. They are fantastic companions and when they are well socialized they love the company of other dogs, cats, and children. They love to exercise but are equally as happy curled up on your lap. Dachshunds are within the hound group. These small, but strong dogs were originally bred in Germany to track badgers, rabbits, and other hole-digging pests. Dachshunds first came to the United  States in 1870, imported to hunt rabbits.

The American Kennel Club registered its first Dachshund in 1885. Dachshunds are active little dogs and love to go on walks. They are also incredibly faithful and loving so when they are not spending time playing in the yard they love to be curled up on your lap. They make very good family pets and are fantastic with children. They are not suitable for full-time workers as they thrive on interaction and crave attention and love from their families.  We strongly believe that the Dachshund breed is the perfect family companion.


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Hi, I'm Chelsea, I was raised on a farm in Nebraska and had cared for almost every pet a young girl could have. Animals have always been my passion. Later in life, while living in Japan; I opened a pet grooming shop for the Naval Base called Posh Paws Spaw. Alongside the grooming shop; my best friend and I created Cat Tales Kitten Rescue; a rescue organization provided by volunteer foster parents for abandoned and neglected kittens and cats. While being very busy and successful with the shop and rescue, I began to take a large interest in dog shows locally. I learned about the importance of maintaining the  American Kennel Club standards, preserving bloodlines, and bettering the breed.




All of our puppies are raised with love and care from the very minute they are born. Each parent has a clean health history, beautiful conformation as expected for the Dachshund breed, and a caring and kind temperament. Each Dreamheart Puppy is born in our home in the comfort of the master bedroom. While puppies are newborns they are secluded from our other dogs except for their mother who lovingly dotes on them and cares for their every need. As well as their mother's care they have our family who is constantly providing them with the care they need to develop wonderfully. In the first precious three weeks of life,  puppies are secure in a whelping box with mother tending to them constantly. When the puppies begin to walk from one side of the whelping box to the other, they are placed in a secure pen with their warmth pad, puppy beds, and many fun puppy safe toys, and of course the potty pads. We begin to start the weaning process at 4-5 weeks, depending on the development of each litter. Our puppies are dewormed at 3, 5 and 7 weeks. We know the importance of having puppies dewormed to prevent any parasites. We also have pens in the living room so the puppies become desensitized to everyday sounds and activities.


Each puppy is evaluated at 8 weeks to determine if they are ready for its new home. We make sure each puppy is eating solid kibble and drinking water properly and safely. Along with making sure each puppy is ready to go home, we take a field trip to our veterinary clinic for their first set of shots and Florida Health Certificates. If your puppy is ready to go home at 8 weeks we will make arrangements for pick up. Puppy Parents are welcome to set up a time to pick up their new puppy. We are here to give endless amounts of information and support to you and your puppy. The smiles on families' faces, when they meet their puppy for the first time, are magical. Bringing these precious cream Dachshund puppies into the world is our passion and we hope to continue to make dreams come true one puppy at a time.

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