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So you have decided to join our extended Dreamheart Family!
We are so excited to welcome you and get started on the adoption process.

Our process for our Waitlist & Puppy Deposits is quite simple. Once you choose to be placed on the Waitlist we will take a non-refundable deposit of at least $300.00 to go towards your full price of puppy. Initial Deposits and any other deposit payments made are non-refundable because these funds will go directly to the vet care and other care needs of your puppy during the time they are with us. This deposit secures your place on the waitlist to choose a puppy when you are at the top of the list.  Your deposit is also included in the total adoption costs of your puppy. When you choose your puppy and the puppy is born we recommend 1/2 the total price paid by 3 weeks of age and full paid by 6 weeks of age. If you choose a puppy and then decide to pass, your deposit will continue forward to your next choice. If you have any questions or concerns about our Waitlist and Deposit policy please don't hesitate to contact us. Again, please make sure that you are serious about purchasing a puppy before you send any deposits.

Just remember that the gestational time for a dog is 58 - 68 days. And then after birth they will be growing and nurtured in our home for another 8 weeks (at least). The entire process from conception to coming home to you is around 4 months. Even though we can't predict genders and colors of puppies, which the surprise is always an exciting time, we can encourage you to plan ahead with us.

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