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about dachshunds




The Dachshund is a very quirky, happy, and smart little dog that thrives on love and attention. They are fantastic companions and when they are well socialized they love the company of other dogs, cats, and children. They love to exercise but are equally as happy curled up on your lap. Dachshunds are within the hound group. These small, but strong dogs were originally bred in Germany to track badgers, rabbits and other whole digging pests. Dachshunds first came to the United  States in 1870, imported to hunt rabbits.

The American Kennel Club registered its first Dachshund in 1885. Dachshunds are active little dogs and love to go on walks. They are also incredibly faithful and loving so when they are not spending time playing in the yard they love to be curled up on your lap. They make very good family pets and are fantastic with children. They are not suitable for full-time workers as they thrive on interaction and crave attention and love from their families.  We strongly believe that the Dachshund breed is the perfect family companion.

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